Why should you choose soho c2 Vinhomes D’.Capitale Tran Duy Hung?

C2 D'.Capitale Vinhomes Trần Duy Hưng là tòa căn hộ SOHO điển hình, đặc trưng cho xu hướng bất động sản vô cùng mới mẻ

Why should you choose soho c2 Vinhomes D’.Capitale Tran Duy Hung?


Soho is the abbreviation of Small Office, Home Office – with perfect function 3in1 “Living – Working – Enjoying” in one apartment. When Hanoi real estate market is still unfamiliar with an apartment building integrating many functions, in Ho Chi Minh City since early 2016, Soho Premier project, in early 2017, Republic Plaza project right next to Tan Son Nhat international airport launched more than 266 Office-tel apartments.

C2 Vinhomes D’.Capitale Tran Duy Hung owns brand-new superior SOHO model

C2 Vinhomes D’.Capitale Tran Duy Hung owns brand-new superior SOHO model

Some big investors also intend to change the product model to timely grasp new trend, as well as the needs of the real estate world, GP.Invest will change some projects from luxury apartment to condotel project. Republic Plaza project has launched more than 1 month, 90% Office – tel apartments of this project has been sold out.

Vinhomes D’.Capitale Tran Duy Hung project from sale open day of C2 Building, more than half of the apartments were sold out, the attraction of C2 building and the project has not reduced. The success from launching day is due to the project aims towards many different functions such as commercial, office or residential purpose, bringing added value as well as using capacity.

C2 building includes 3 versions:

-Version 1s: 01 bedroom: area 37.54m2 – 38.47m2 (10 apartments)

-Version 1.5s: 1.5 bedrooms: area 50.83m2 – 56.72m2 (7 apartments)

-Version 2s: 2 bedrooms: area 58.89m2 – 60.74m2 (5 apartments)

Appropriate area (m2)

37.71 37.74 37.78 37.95
38.13 38.14 38.40 51.01
51.36 59.90 60.72



Smart using functions, tubular design, alternate apartments, thus 80% apartments will enjoy sunlight and natural wind, energy saving, panoramic views, detention basin, National Convention Center, swimming pool at the building podium.

Besides general utilities of the project, utilities specifically designed for business, office, commercial purposes such as meeting room, buffet restaurant…

If the neighboring luxury apartments have many small and medium enterprises wanting to rent apartments for office purpose, but due to specific characteristics of each company, the resident feel annoying of noise and continuous frequency of elevators. There are 8 elevators/floor in C2 building. In addition, the companies can do business registration license, this is not allowed in common apartments by law.

5-star standard, optimal utilities, reasonable price, prime location at Tran Duy Hung street.

All support from investor and Techcombank

Only with 300 millions, small using area 38.13m2, floor 18, new price 1,535 billion when customer refers to bank loan and pay in progress of investor.

New updated sale policy:

1.Super incentive 0% interest rate until getting handover notice (expected 31/12/2018)

2.Customer only need 20% equity capital

3.Bank loan up to 65% apartment value

  1. Grace period of original debt during time of interest support.
  2. Free early repayment
  3. Policy for customers without bank loan:

-Payment in specified progress, discount 4%

-Pay 70% at period 1, discount 7%

-Pay 95% at period 1, discount 11%

Payment period of C2 D’.Capitale Tran Duy Hung:

-Deposit: Register aspiration & deposit agreement 10%

-Period 1: After 15 days (deposit included) pay 10%

-Period 2: After 60 days since period 1, pay 10%

-Period 3: After 90 days since period 2, pay 10%

-Period 4: After 90 days since period 3, pay 15%

-Period 5: After 60 days since period 4, pay 15%

-Period 6: After 60 days since period41, pay 15%

-Period 7: Receive handover notice, pay 25%

-Period 8: Receive land use right certificate, pay 5%

With only 300 millions, customer can own dream apartment at golden location of the capital.

Appropriate investment choice, high liquidity, good profitability

By the appropriate investment choice, many individuals turned the project into future investment opportunity when they have available capital from 2 to 3 billions instead of depositing in the bank, the customer can buy 2 to 3 apartments for investment purpose with financial support from Techcombank. According to a recent research of neighboring apartment buildings like Keangnam Tower, Chamvit Tower in Grand Plaza complex with average rental price from 18 to 25 millions per apartment. In the future, owners of SOHO C2 building can sublet the apartment to a company with high liquidity, good profitability.

For detailed information of C2 building and latest updated sale policy, please call Hotline: 0963046789