Why customer prefer apartment at north west orientation of C3 Vinhomes Tran Duy Hung?

Why customer prefer apartment at north west orientation of C3 Vinhomes Tran Duy Hung?

After 6 months launching to real estate market since September 2016, Vinhomes Tran Duy Hung project has proved “hot” trend. Besides two buildings C1 and C6, first opened for sale, investor Vingroup continuously launched C3 building apartment called the heart of D’.Capitale exclusively distributed by Tan Kien Real Estate Service and Trading Joint Stock Company.

C3 apartment with most beautiful location of Vinhomes Tran Duy Hung project

C3 apartment with most beautiful location of Vinhomes Tran Duy Hung project

Special attraction of the building is a large number of apartments in northeast area interested by the investor. C3 building is considered as central building with many best view of the project, bringing many smart choices.


From northeast apartments overlooking National Convention Center. It is not a certain, an important place of Hanoi city is located in there. According to feng shui master, Hanoi capital is located in “Dragon rolling and Tiger sitting” land, the northeast is entitled spirit of Tan Vien mountain, Ba Vi district and soul of water is Hong river in the southeast of the city.

The residents living in northeast apartment C3 building, will have chance to witness sunset and the horizon when the sun is out. And according to feng shui, the northwest bringing all things are completed, perfect, everything went to the end, has made certain achievements. Therefore, where northwest apartment of C3 Vinhomes Tran Duy Hung is the perfect choice for any customer and investor.

According to feng shui, northwest apartments also bring a healthy life with full of vitality, stay away from the blood pressure, blood circulation. Families with children or elderly, these apartments are the best choice to help bring endurance, flexibility, and mental and physical fullness, reduce illness.


C3 building with the height of 41 floors, panoramic view is not restricted by any building. Corner apartment C3-04, C3-06 and normal apartment C3-05 at D’.Capitale project is regarded as northwest apartments with open overall view whether low-rise or high-rise position.

  As apartments with area of 86m2, 112m2, 122m2, big living rooms, spacious balcony brings panoramic view of National Convention Center. Besides, from apartment C3-04 overlooking overall landscape of the project and center utilities such as: swimming pool, square where takes place unique cultural, art events…

Overall view of detention basin from C3 Vinhomes D’.Capitale

The transportation and connection with road lines, between western economic corridors will be a façade of advertising brand, attracting the customers crossing Tran Duy Hung street and Nguyen Xien street, northwest side of C3 building is known as frontage of successful businessmen, smart economic planners because northwest apartments are designed by talented architect from the leading world corporation in modern style but ensuring maximum natural light.

Especially, each apartment is designed with 2-3 bedrooms, utilizing sunlight to bring a fresh, spacious living space and diversified choice of customers. Kitchen is designed to receive fresh wind flow from the north south orientation.

Above are designing characters and advantages of northwest apartments at C3 Vinhomes Tran Duy Hung. Apart from panoramic view, overlooking center city, C3 apartments will be ideal accommodation for the family, friends, relatives at the “golden project”, most luxurious in the western gateway of Hanoi city.